Tips on Dating Latina Women

Something to know about Latinas is that they don’t want to be seen as only Latina. That’s part of their identity but when getting to know one in a romantic way, it’s important to get to know what it is that makes her her. In other words, what sets her apart from the other Latinas.

Avoid saying things like “my Latina girlfriend” and “I’ve always liked Latinas.” These statements can be taken in an offensive way. On the other hand, “I’ve always had a thing for X type of hair, skin, figure, etc.” is way better to say. It shows that you are seeing the Latina in front of you rather than a stereotype of Latinas, which in reality come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities.

Complimenting something about her personality or interests gets you many extra points. If you move to Costa Rica, it’s normal to think in terms of Latina and non-Latina but try to break that habit by dating a Latina like you would date anyone else, getting to know what’s underneath the beauty.

The next tip is to avoid using words usually used to describe foods, like “spicy” and words used in the media like “curvaceous.” These are not normal words to use in everyday real life with real women. They are devaluing and will make the Tica lose interest in you.

Lastly, you will see many other pages that “teach” gringos to be more “machista.” Think about it though, the Ticas seen with American men are with them on purpose. They chose them because they are different than the locals who tend to be too domineering for most women’s likes. Be you and see her for her and you should be set for a lot of fun.

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