What To Know Before Dating a Latina Woman

Dating a Latina is unlike anything else. Sure, she takes forever to get ready, but it’s totally worth it. All messages like “I’m on my way” and “I’m almost ready” should be affectionately taken as lies. She is on Latino Standard Time. She’s tried on every pair of earrings and each lipstick color she owns but in the end you are the one being photographed with her perfect lips so wait patiently and think about how lucky you are to be with the beauty that took so long to get ready for you.

Let’s talk about talking. If you don’t speak Spanish somewhat fluently, just speak to her in English. It’s really annoying to Latinas to spend a whole date hearing what you remember from Spanish 1 that you took years ago. If you don’t understand Spanish fluently, don’t ask her to speak Spanish in bed. I mean sure it sounds hot to you but imagine how she feels when she is explaining what she wants you to do to her and not getting the result because you have no idea what she is saying. Another note about Spanish, she likely won’t call you “Papi” as much as you see in the movies. This term is much more frequently used when talking to kids. It’s weird to ask her to call you that. Don’t call her any word like spicy or feisty. Trust me.

Now let’s talk family and culture. She loves being Latina and part of that is her big Latina family. She will want to introduce you to her family early on. She will also know that in your culture an introduction to family is more serious so don’t introduce her to your family unless you are serious. Her family events are a good chance to use what little Spanish you have to bridge the gap. In this situation, unlike while on a date, it will be appreciated. Remember this culture doesn’t do casual. You should try to always be dressed up.

Avoid fetishizing or generalizing what Latinas are like. Some grew up cooking and others can’t cook for their lives. If they suggest eating out or ordering in that could be nice too. Don’t expect a chef. Also don’t say things like “All Latinas…” or “Why are Latinas…” Focus your interest in Latino culture with questions that are more inquisitive and less judgemental, like “What’s something you really like about your culture?”

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